About Us

This blog is dedicated to green solutions to natural and eco-friendly living in South Africa. It is written by a small team of experts who wish to see the country advance to a more sustainable future and be able to address the challenges that come from the impending world climate crisis. We gathered a few years ago in an attempt to create a viable medium, where we could share our experience and ideas about embracing a way of life that will positively impact the environment at all levels – from our individual lives to large community projects and state actions.

Who We Are

Our team consists of four core members. We were all born and raised in South Africa, which is our home to the present day. However, we all have broad international experience in the area of environment-friendly solutions and sustainable living, which we would like to introduce to our country to make it a better place for the generations to come.

Dan Connolly is a marine life expert with several decades of expertise in studying the underwater worlds of seas and oceans across the world. He has specialized in recognizing the environmental challenges that sea life faces and has dedicated his work during the past few years to providing viable solutions to address them. Dan partners with different teams of scientists across the globe to perform research and come up with practical ideas to immediately tackle the problems of our underwater habitats.

Jennifer Abioye is a young journalist who has been passionate about preserving the environment since her days in high school. As a teenager, she led many projects dedicated to introducing eco-friendly practices among young people and encouraging them to live environment-conscious lifestyles. In college, Jennifer began her own student media devoted to creating a sustainable future for South Africa. She continued working on various initiatives to improve sustainability and inspire the implementation of green solutions. As a journalist, Jennifer has specialized in reporting on environmental topics. She has contributed to a variety of media and is often invited on TV shows to comment on the climate and environmental challenges in both South Africa and the world.

John Adebisi is an engineer who has undertaken the mission to help ordinary people adopt green practices and solutions in their everyday lives. He is a devout activist for preserving the environment by saving natural resources and recycling. John is also a protector of animal rights. He has initiated a large number of initiatives and information campaigns to educate South Africans on the importance of preserving the environment and wildlife. Recently, he started his own company that aims to offer affordable and easy to implement sustainable living solutions in homes across the country.

Jasper Livingston is an architect who has devoted almost his entire career to creating sustainable buildings. He is fascinated by how we can preserve energy and help the environment. That is why he is on a constant quest to find better ways in which we can build, use materials, and implement systems so that our living, working, and public spaces become more sustainable and eco-friendly. Jasper is working on a wide variety of projects of environmental importance varying from affordable housing to greener schools, hospitals, and public buildings. He also consults businesses on the importance of pioneering sustainability and applying eco-friendly solutions to the working environment.

Our External Authors

Of course, this blog would not have been possible without the contribution of our external authors. Most of them write for free because they believe in the power of sharing information to improve our lives and help save the planet. The external author team consists of experts in various areas and with different backgrounds who are united by their shared vision of the importance of eco-friendly living. Many of them are activists who do field work and wish to introduce the useful knowledge and expertise they have gained to as many people as possible to create a mass positive impact.

How to Reach Us

To reach out, please use the contact information on the website. You can also follow us on social media. Please feel free to suggest any topics and ideas that pertain to this blog’s domain.