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Reduce your grid electricity usage with Energy Partners

Panorama Vet Clinic installed a solar PV and energy management system that has reduced their grid electricity usage by 17% and solved their overloading problem.
In early 2017 Panorama Vet Clinic approached Energy Partners Home Solutions to assist them with reducing the cost of electricity at the clinic. After an in-depth analysis, it was decided to install a 17 kWp grid-tied solar PV system. In order to reduce the impact on cash flow, the system was leased for the frst 6 months and purchased in stages. The system was installed within 5 days on site with minimal disruption to the daily activities of this 24-hour facility. An average saving of R3565 per month was realised within the frst 3 months after the system was commissioned.
The overall result of this installation was a 17% reduction in their grid energy dependency and a substantial increase in their overall electricity capacity.

The Challenge
Panorama Veterinary Clinic & Specialist Centre has been servicing the local community of Cape Town for 16 years. The clinic is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a 24-hour emergency service that offers after hours assistance to other veterinary clinics and their four legged clients. The team includes 18 veterinarian staff members as well as administrative and support staff. Panorama Vet Clinic had a monthly electricity bill of R20 000,00. In addition their consumption often exceeded their breaker limit, tripping their power and causing an outage.

As part of the project, they wanted to look at ways to increase their electricity supply with cheaper, reliable and environmentally friendly energy. Their priorities were:

  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Lower impact on the environment 
  • Increase supply capacity 
  • Add to value of business. 

The Energy Partners Solution On 31 January 2017, the clinic contacted Energy Partners Home Solutions and Jeffrey Neethling, one of our energy experts paid a visit to the clinic. The site was carefully inspected & the consumption was
logged for 2 weeks. This information was used to develop an optimal system for the client.

Figure 1: The Panorama Vet Clinic’s original daily energy consumption graph

The Solution

The system was sized to maximise utilisation of the available roof space while staying within the day time consumption of the clinic. The system was installed over the course of 5 days. All components were commissioned by Energy Partners. After a 2-week period set out for commissioning, trial and registration, the system was officially handed over.

Modules 17.2KWp (54 x 320 W) polycrystalline solar panels –
mounted on the roof.
Inverter 25kW 3 phase SMA Inverter – selected for its quality,
reliability and excellent monitoring capabilities.


The total cost of the system was R306k and although the investment made absolute sense for the clinic it did present a challenge in terms of cashflow. Through Energy Partners’ innovative fnancing options the practice made use of a combination of a performance lease agreement and an instalment purchase. This allows Panorama Vet Clinic to maximise their savings with almost no upfront capital required.

The Result

The energy solution installed has effectively reduced the municipal electricity bill with an average of R 3,565 per month.The electricity supply capacity of the clinic was also increased by as much as 25% during peak solar production effectively avoiding unnecessary power interruptions during critical periods. In addition to this good financial decision, investing in renewable energy will also reduce the business’s environmental impact by 25 tonnes of Co2 emissions per year.

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