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Upcycling Grows Up with Leggo Furniture

Upcycling is becoming a ‘big thing’ from fashion to industry. We take a look at one in particular, Leggo Furniture. 

There are fads and there are trends. The difference is that a fad comes and goes almost immediately, whereas a trend lasts much onger and has much more social, economic and evenpolitical influence.
Upcycling was once seen as a ‘trendy fad’ or maybe ‘fashionable fad’. But it has turned out to be not only a full-blown trend but is now deeply fashionable, from high-end couturier lines to industrial design styles.
In manner of speaking, the steam-punk designtrend is actually an element of upcycling since theideas are essentially the same – take something oldand past its use-by date and revamp it, enhance itand emphasise its ‘oldness’, its ‘usedness’ and its newcurrent usefulness.
In a funny kind of way, upcycling has always beenwith us, whether it be hillbillies retooling old machinesto do new things, hippies re-utilising industrialequipment for backyard gardens or ‘boer maaks n plan’because the old plough has broken down and now it’sgoing to be used for braais.
What has changed is that upcycling is not merelytrendy and fashionable, it is also seen as ethical,sensible, cool, chic and smart. And it is not merelya perception – upcycling is actually all those thingsbecause at its heart it is resource-conservative andpragmatic.
Upcycling is tomorrow’s ‘in thing’ today. So start upcycling everyone, it’s the thing to be doing.


Is manufactured from Fibreglass reinforced plastic grating which is a composite material manufactured by combining a matrix of resin and fibreglass. It is durable, rust free, chemical resistant and offers high UV resistance properties.
THE LEGGO RANGE is manufactured from off-cut material and can therefore be regarded as a
“Green Product” since we do upcycling.

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