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Once in a lifetime opportunity with Long Valley Farm


Long Valley is an eco-community nestled in a secret valley, up in the mountains, 7kms from Robertson in the Western Cape. The trustees (the farm is owned by our registered Breevlei Toe Trust) are united around an eco-ethos, living with a gentle footprint on the land and creating a healing ambience for the future. Some of us were friends already when we set out and other connections were built on the farm. Professionals from a background of teaching, engineering, publishing, natural health, coaching, ministering and yoga are learning the radical path of doing right by the earth and each other and growing food sustainably.
The 93ha of open nature gives a spaciousness that allows visitors and residents to reflect, grow and heal during their time at Long Valley. Our voices have equal weight and we hear each other. Decisions translate easily into action when they come about authentically. We are offering a share of Long Valley Farm for R1.2 million. For anyone interested in buying a share please contact Zann:
For more info on the farm visit
call 023 626 6836 / Zann Hoad: 083 418 0980 or email Pritam:

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