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Stop leaks now with Aquatrip

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It was more of less inevitable, once the conditions required it, that technology long used, for example, in the oil industry, would be applied to water reticulation. This technology is about detecting changes such as drop-offs in pressure that provide the reticulation system in question, whether that be for an oil in a pipeline or water in your home’s plumbing, with the trigger information needed to switch the system off and close down the flow.
Thereafter, at a more leisurely and less stressedpace, once may deal with the actual cause of theproblem, restore the system to full operationalfunctionality and not lose much of whatever wasflowing through that system.
In the case of water, in our current water-stressedconditions, this essential resource is perhaps arguablyeven more ‘valuable’ than its equivalent quantum ofoil, though it’s not yet priced that way. Perhaps oneday it will be.
In any case, water is definitely scarce and gettingscarcer, and costly and getting costlier. It is thereforeboth the ethical and sensible thing to do to reducepossible loss through leaks to nil or nearly so, andreduce one’s potential cost profile in the process.
And the best way of doing that is to install a
detection system.
At Simply Green we keep our ears, metaphorically speaking of course, ‘close to the ground’, on the alert for useful, applicable technologies and applications of old technology which may help our readers become for pro-actively involved in reducing their footprints on the earth, whether those be measured in carbon or litres of water (or oil, for that matter).
So we were delighted to encounter, as part of ourEvery Drop Counts campaign, a local distributor of aleak detection system which is relatively easy to installand will do the job required.
Bearing in mind, aside from any property damageto, say, water-logged walls, ceilings or floors, anundetected leak could cost you, in water-restrictedzones, literally thousands of rands before you find outwhat the trouble is and why your water bill has shotthrough the stratosphere.
Finding the leak and fixing it will cost quite enoughwithout a whole bunch of secondary costs, not least forthe wasted water involved.
Being ahead of this curve makes perfect sense to using the current context.

That is why we were especially pleased to comeacross AquaTrip (see accompanying box for details).
In short, AquaTrip is a water leak safety trip switch.It will protect your water supply by automaticallydetecting leaks, running toilets, dripping taps andburst or cracked pipes or hoses, as they occur.
If a leak is detected, AquaTrip will warn you andshut off the water to prevent excess water bills, waterwaste and property damage. It can tell the differencebetween normal water use and a leak.
AquaTrip is fully programmable to suit mostproperties with no interference to the user, and noimpact on normal water use.
The folks behind this product range are notnewbies – they have been around nine years – buttheir water detection and leak reduction systemscould hardly be more timely, and welcome, optionsfor those seriously concerned about water and itsrelated issues.
There are several AquaTrip options, each withtheir own features and each set at different price
points to cater for a variety of possible users.
Included in AquaTrip’s offerings are systems fornewly-constructed buildings, through systems forretro-fits to existing buildings as well as domestic useand stand-alone options.
For homeowners perhaps the most importantor relevant would be theirAM310offering, aDIY
installation water use monitor designed to show theuser how much water he or she is using in almostreal-time and its actual cost. This information isexpressed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
This system seems purpose-designed for home owners who are keen to reduce their water footprint to the minimum – a necessity in places like greater Cape Town at present, but a good idea overallfor everyone, and one which saves both money andwater.
The system’s monitor has an ‘Excess Consumption Alarm’, which will sound if the consumption exceeds a pre-set allocation of water eachday. The user can set the amount
to suit their planned consumption
– or to match local regulations
on usage. If the alarm sounds,you will know you have used more
than normal and can check for leaksor a tap left running or some other
plumbing failure, which would haveprobably gone unnoticed until the water
bill arrived.
That, or you know which of thehousehold’s members has zoned out under
the shower and you can put them right so as not to do so again. The monitor also has a ‘Slow Leak Alarm’ whichwill sound if water is seen to be constantly flowingover a 24-hour period, indicating a steady leak, evenif it’s tiny.
Best of all, beyond tracking your water usage ineffective real-time and knowing how much you arespending on that, plus the alarms just mentioned,is that this system is simple and quick to install,with easy-to-follow instructions provided. The wholesystem is powered by fiveAAalkaline batteries, soit’s also grid-independent.
Simply Green doesn’t hand out ‘green stars’ or such awards, but if it did, these products would likely be right up there for relevance and for a practical approach to a long-standing problem.

This South African based-company, established in 2009,provides products and services that enable customersto reduce their water consumption and water demandfootprint.AWSholds the African licenses to import,distribute, market and sell the international-awardwinning range of Aquatrip products.
Their core business currently centres on installing data logging equipment and AquaTrip units at commercial sites and at schools. They have most recently completed a number of projects where they partnered with bothgovernmental and non-governmental institutions to rollout their technology at schools and the company hasbeen instrumental in reducing customers’ consumptionby an average of 50%.
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