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Sannitree International is a diversified international company offering its customers a wide variety of microbial based products specifically related to waste treatment. It is a research-based company and aims to be the market leader in its chosen field. Let’s take a closer look at this company and some of their 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable products for the treatment of organic waste and waste water.

Sannitree International began in South Africa in 1981 when Mike Mayne initiated the idea of providing economical sewage treatment in rural areas, farms and settlement camps. At this early stage he realised the need to treat the sewage with something that would rapidly break it up, but at the same time not harm the environment. Together with Dr PG Celliers, one of the world’s most respected enzymologists, they began testing, analysing and marketing their very first microbial based product, Sannitree Bio-Enzymes. Mike was then joined by Gordon Bruce (Director, Finance and administration) and Brian Goodman (Director, Marketing & International Development). Today, the group is represented by distributors in numerous countries around the world. Sannitree International markets more than 15 niche products ranging from granules for septic tanks and grease traps to special enzymes based odour digesters and granules to convert the ammonia levels found in pig sty’s. The Company has achieved a level of business commensurate with its well proven reputation for Quality and Service and maintains and improves an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Programme in order to further endorse this position. Let’s take a quick look at their PONG range.


Water shortages are now critical. We need to be doing all we can to save every drop before we run out. Wee Pong is Sannitree’s solution to help home-owners and ordinary people seriously save water. The average toilet uses 6l of water with every flush. This simple enzymatic spray solution allows you to leave urine in the toilet bowl without suffering the unpleasant smells associated with stagnant and decomposing urine.


Many of us are doing all we can to save rainwater and greywater in tanks but you may not have anticipated just how smelly your grey water can become after just a few days of storage. If this is putting you off using the water in your garden, try Tank Pong. This simple enzymatic
solution makes ponging tank water fresh-smelling and safe to use in your garden again.


You’ve laid artificial grass and it looks and feels great. When you installed it you were told cleaning it was simply a matter of hosing it down. But every time you turn the hose on it, the stench of dog urine seems to get worse, not better! You’ve probably tried a range of disinfectants and bactericides but nothing seems to work. Sannitree’s solution for artificial grass utilises a combination of enzymes and bacteria that work together to first stop the smell in its tracks, then eliminate the source of the odour. If you’ve own dogs (or cats for that matter), urine smells on artificial grass can be an ongoing problem. TurfPong is just the start of managing the problem.

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