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In our previous issue we investigated the oncoming rush of the Internet of Things (IoT). If you are reading other material on the broad topics of “new tech”, “green tech” or “smart tech”, you will discover that the IoT is considered to be one of the baseline realities that is introducing entirely new ways of doing things that are vastly more efficient, and therefore cleaner and greener, than that which came before. We take a look.

The IoT is all over the place these days – if not in actually as yet manifest in your home (though likely it’s already potentially in your smart device and car, if the latter is not more than five years old).

If you have not read about it in our pages you will certainly be seeing and hearing more on this subject, in many more places and at a rapid rate. But the IoT, while a vast field of unfolding possibilities, many good some worrying, is not the whole story by any means.

Rather, it is the basis for a  new way of doing things which is likely to affect almost everyone connected to the modern world and in almost all the even routine daily tasks we undertake, at home, in the office or at play. If the internet is the backbone for the IoT, the latter should be thought of as both the superstructure built around that infrastructural skeleton and as the logical expression of our growing connectivity’s next step.

But along with it, and all the “smart” devices that will be linked at a growing rate to the IoT, there comes a parallel development – the emergence of smart tech which is so efficient that it is also, technically, “green”. The development will affect everything from the most complex aspects of our technologically-based lives through to the simplest.

Elsewhere in these pages, for example, we have looked at developments in the lighting sector which specifically apply within the broader discussion undertaken here. But one could look at virtually any  technological sector or sub-sector and find similar equivalents and convergence points.


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